At Hartmanns, specialists recruit specialists

We know the significance of a skilled employee, because we have hired the best and we don't just say that to praise ourselves. We say that because we have been in the business for 20 years and after more than 16,000 recruitments, we know what it takes to identify the best candidate. Every time.

One of our secrets is that we have a large network of validated candidates. Another is that we have a profound and professional knowledge of your industry and the specific roles you are trying to fulfill. This is among other things, why our consultants – besides having several years of experience with recruiting – have a background within the industry they recruit to.

In other words, when you choose Hartmanns as a recruitment partner, you are guaranteed that a manager is recruiting your future manager, an engineer is recruiting your future engineer and an IT specialist is recruiting your future IT specialist.

Simply because this is what it takes to attract the most relevant and qualified candidates for your specific open position.


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recruitment search selection hartmanns
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97% of the recruiting

is solved succesfully

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validated candidates we have many of them
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validated candidates


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face to face conversations
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Yearly 30.000

face2face conversation 

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customer satisfaction
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Client satisfaction 1-6

Candidates 5,6 - clients 5,3